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How to score the perfect internship

How%20to%20score%20the%20perfect%20internship The growth of a college student from the first year of instruction to the final days as an undergraduate is immeasurable. But what happens in the time between these two milestones? Book reading, paper writing and party going generally make the list, but employers are telling us to add another item - practical on-the-job training.

Internships have become an essential key to compete post-graduation, so make your work count. Start building your company "wish list" early on and you'll be able to find the right spot to gain true hands-on training, says Jennifer Mleko, director of career services at The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg.
"You should be identifying potential employers, reading industry publications in your field of interest and building a network of contacts starting the first or second quarter of school," according to Mleko.

Julianne Pelfrey, director of career services at The Art Institute of Ohio - Cincinnati, advises students to start the research process as early as six months prior to the anticipated start date. "You should eye small to mid-sized businesses," according to Pelfrey. "Internships with smaller companies typically provide more opportunities for junior employees to gain practical experience.

There's a greater chance for involvement in a project from conception to production with these organizations."
Both Pelfrey and Mleko caution against limiting options by solely seeking paid internships. Students should focus on job duties, experience gained and opportunity for growth - in your education and your career. No amount of cash flow trumps the chance to vet out potential career paths.

But what about the actual application process? How are you to compete with other star students vying for the same role? These simple steps may land you in a recruiter's office sooner than expected:

First is the cover letter. While we would love to think these have become a thing of the past, the introductory notes fill an employer in on what students are hoping to gain from the work stint and which past experiences will serve them best in the desired post. Passion, drive and desire to learn are what managers are yearning to see.

Next step is the resume; Pelfrey says it's time for students to pull away from traditional business templates and up the ante with personality-driven resumes. "Design should never overcome content, but employers love seeing ingenuity and creativity from their future proteges," she says.

If you're light on employment history, bulk up the resume with applicable classroom projects, freelance samples and pro-bono work. And don't forget to highlight transferable skills. Mleko says, "The purpose of a resume is to emphasize experience by showing variety and a diverse skill set. Whet the recruiter's appetite by showing what you can bring to the table and tailoring your resume to the job you're applying for."

The last piece of the puzzle might be the most important tip for workforce newcomers: professional portfolio. Yours should be stocked full of writing samples, design projects and inspired original pieces. Even works in progress will get hiring managers going, so invest the time in selecting a collection that represents range and competencies.

Pelfrey and Mleko stress the importance of having at least one internship under your belt come commencement time, but the more the better. With the "wish list" made, a target in mind and submissions ready to go, students can lock down invaluable internships. Forget making copies, your internship is about making career connections.

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Bathroom remodeling ideas that add style and space

Remodeling%20ideas%20that%20add%20style%20and%20space%20to%20any%20bathroom Now, more than ever, homeowners are adding to the value and comfort of their homes by renovating bathrooms into private retreats with luxurious touches that rival those of an upscale spa or resort.

Ron and Susan Bishop of Adams Township, Pa., recently completed an extensive remodel of the master bathroom in their 20-year-old home. The remake covered nearly every square inch of the space, including the installation of new cabinets, tile, floor coverings and lighting. The couple says one of the biggest highlights is the custom shower enclosure, made from Clarvista glass by PPG, which uses a fused-on coating to keep its showroom appearance over time.

"Few things detract from the appearance of a luxurious bathroom more than a shower door covered with water deposits and soap scum," Ron Bishop says. "Susan and I made it a point to find a product that would keep its good looks and be easy to maintain. We completed the renovation on our master bath more than a year ago, and the glass on our shower enclosure still looks brand new."

When considering an update for your bathroom, whether you choose to do an extensive remodel or a smaller project, most kitchen and bath designers agree on these tips:

* Consider the size of the bathroom. If you have a small room, look for ways to make it feel more expansive. A sleek, stylish glass shower enclosure helps your bathroom appear more spacious, and in most instances, a frameless shower enclosure will provide the cleanest, most open look. If you decide to go with a framed shower enclosure, you'll have two choices: frameless sliding doors or framed doors. For framed doors, be sure the finish of the metal framing and handles matches your bathroom fixtures.

* Think outside the box. Taking a creative approach to bathroom necessities can help you make the most of your space. For instance, the majority of shower enclosures are square or rectangular, but today's designers encourage you to think about other shapes. Don't be afraid to consider a circular or oval-shaped enclosure, a triangle or even a standard shape with an artfully bowed glass door, which can redefine the space and make your bathroom more versatile.

* Don't skimp on the glass. All glass used for shower enclosures is safety glass, which means it is tempered to make it stronger and more shatterproof. That doesn't mean all shower glass is alike, though. Most shower doors and enclosures are fabricated from conventional clear glass - which typically has a light, almost imperceptible green cast - or some variation of frosted glass. If you want a look that's chic and ultra-clear, ask your bath designer or showroom retailer about Clarvista on Starphire glass.

* Brighten things up. Repainting your bathroom with light colors can make it feel more spacious. If your bathroom has windows or skylights, use window treatments and accents that maximize the amount of light that comes through to give the room a more airy feel.

* Find the best use for your space. Move bathroom cleaning items to a hall closet if you are stretched for storage space in your bathroom, especially if you have freestanding storage units that are taking up valuable floor space. If you need more storage space, consider adding built-in compartments if possible between your wall studs to maximize usable space.

It's been shown time and time again that remodeling a bathroom can add to a home's value. Whether you want to sell or just enjoy your home more, it's one of the most practical and dramatic ways to make your home more appealing. To discover more great ideas and inspiration for bathroom remodeling, visit www.ppgclarvista.com.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Secrets to an enjoyable and fuss-free sundae bar for fun entertaining

(BPT) - Yummy flavors, delectable toppings and the freedom to mix them together however you choose - who doesn't love a sundae bar? With all the options available, a sundae bar may seem like too much work to pull off, but it doesn't have to be. Whether it's for a birthday party, fall barbecue, or a just-because party, you can serve guests a sundae bar that is fun and delicious - and easier for you to clean up afterward if you follow a few simple tips:

* Build the bar. A colorful, organized sundae bar will not only look great, but it will make it easier for guests to find exactly what they want and for you to clean up when the party is over. Start with a brightly colored disposable table cloth. Fill a galvanized tub with ice and put the ice cream in the tub, to keep it cold. Put your bowls, spoons and napkins next to the ice cream tub, followed by your toppings.

* Designate a scooper. Assigning someone to scoop the ice cream will make it easier for guests to pick their toppings and create their sundaes. This will keep people moving through the sundae bar and hands clean at the same time.

* Top it off right. The best part about a sundae bar is the variety of toppings offered. For a unique touch, try putting some of your sundae toppings in old-fashioned glass mason jars. From chocolate sprinkles, cookie crumbles, cherries and strawberry fruit topping, it's an appealing way to showcase toppings and a simple way for guests to pick their favorite combinations.

* Hot fudge without the mess. Your sundae bar doesn't have to suffer from spills, reheating jars, messy hands and disappointing flavors. Choose easier topping options, like Breyers Toppings, that are available in squeezable pouches and are made with real fruit. These toppings deliver all the flavor, freshness and quality associated with the leading ice cream brand, and all the fun of traditional sundae toppings without the mess. Log on to www.breyerstoppings.com to learn more.

* Party themes. To add an extra touch to your get-together, add ingredients to your sundae bar to match the party occasion. For a fall bonfire get-together create a s'mores sundae with vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, hot fudge and graham cracker crumbs.

A sundae bar is a fun and creative idea for great entertaining. With some advanced planning and the right products, you can pull off a unique dessert experience that all your guests will enjoy.

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