Monday, September 15, 2008

A Real Estate Analogy...

So I'm watching the mountain bike finals for the Olympics a couple weekends ago. The TV commentator says, "When dealing with a technical course, one where passing is almost impossible because of the narrowness of the trail, you must ride with the fast riders. If you get caught with a slower pack of riders you will never be able to catch up. The fast riders keep pushing each other while the slower groups keep getting in each others way."

It is along the same lines as, "you play better golf with better golfers.", but most agents don't realize that the opposite is also true, "you play worse golf with bad golfers". I talk to a lot of agents everyday about the companies they work for and the agents around them. Most successful agents succeed in spite of their companies and the agents around them. However, are they reaching their true potential? In a market place where the margin of error is so very slim, you need all the support you can get. Who are the pace setters in your business?