Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Real Estate Company v. Small Real Estate Company...Why not both?

Whether you are looking to list your home, buy a home, or even start a career with a real estate have choices. Recently I heard a debate about the merits of a small company over a large one. Here is how it went (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Agent Napoleon: We have hands on training and management. That means our clients get PROFESSIONAL service.

Agent Rasputin: But we have more tools and resources. That means our clients get MORE services.

They both were right...So why not get both? If you search hard enough you can find real estate companies that provide the high touch service of a small company PLUS the resources of a large international one. Here are a few factors to identify:

1. Find out how much high level training is done on site. Not just prelicensing and contract review, but hard core business development and skill sharpening. The higher level training is what separates the good from great. Keep in mind, even Tiger Woods has a coach.

2. Where are the broker/owners? Are they available? Active? Ask to speak with them. It can be easy for a leader to make decisions when they are isolated from the results. Many onsite owner companies are held to a higher standard of accountability because they are more accessible.

3. Last but not least, what is the power of their brand. Some of the franchise companies offer international exposure as well as aggressive local marketing. Many clients are coming from outside of the local area and may not be familiar with the local brands.