Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons We Can Learn from Michael Phelps

There are 3 (and only 3) keys to success and they all start with the letter A. Aptitude, amplitude, and (most important) attitude. Sports creates so many great analogies because the results can be so clear and concise.

Aptitude- Michael Phelps had the god given ability to swim fast...No question about that. However, there are many other good swimmers who have better physical traits, but they are not great. Why?

Amplitude-No matter how much god given talent Phelps has, he had to jump in the pool every day and train. Showing up seems like the easiest part of the success, but consistency is vital to greatness. But even showing up doesn't guarantee greatness. Why?

Attitude-Above all this is the most significant key to success. Phelps had to dream that he would be able to set the record. Without that goal, getting out of bed at 5am to swim in the same boring pool, every morning, would have been near impossible. Consider this, Phelps had the worlds largest bull's eye on him. Phelps could have caved in mentally with all the pressure the media and competition placed on his shoulders, but he didn't. Why? Because he dreamed that he would win.