Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post Credit Deadline...Whats Going On?

If our real estate company is any indication of the real estate market post credit....

Things are going to be OK. So 12 days into the world of "no credit" real estate, we have created 13 new contracts (about 1/day). The credit was a very helpful and good thing, but it wasn't the only reason to purchase a home. Jobs and good interest rates are by far and away the 2 biggest incentives for buyers.

I don't believe that these 13 buyers were procrastinators, nor do I think they were unaware of the credits available if they had only put in their offers 2 weeks earlier. These are buyers who are making LONG TERM decisions based on a multitude of factors. That is a great sign! Sure $6500/$8000 is a lot of money, but its not enough incentive for buyers to buy the WRONG home. And that is OK.