Friday, April 23, 2010

Lessons from Roger Bannister

"Mind over Matter", "Be a thermostat not a thermometer", "Act don't react". These are all a few of my favorite quotes. And they revolve around the mind's ability to make our body do things that other folk's bodies cant', won't, shouldn't, couldn't...

Sir Roger Bannister is immortalized in history as the man who broke the 4 minute mile barrier. It was such an amazing accomplishment at the time. Within 3 years of breaking the record, 16 other atheletes did it as well. What Sir Bannister did was free people's mind. No longer could people say, "Sub 4 min. IMPOSSIBLE".

In the real estate business I see the exact same thing. Our industry, economy, and society constantly create obstacles to the way business has been done. Conversely, the industry, economy and society constantly create opportunities. So what are we going to focus on? What can't be done or what CAN be done?